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We pay cash for a variety of recyclable products!

Do you have recyclable metals from a broken down vehicle, old farm machinery, or construction teardown scrap? Are you stuck with a non-functional or defunct washer, dryer, or refrigerator? You can return some value on what would otherwise be considered garbage. We'll pay you cash for your trash. Just bring it down to our location, and we'll convert your useless junk to dollars and cents. Call us today for more information about the products we recycle.

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505 Maple Street

East Liverpool, OH 43920


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We do not accept the following items as they contain hazardous substances and require special procedures, facilities, and/or licensure for proper disposal.  In addition to TVs, cellphones, computer monitors, and tablets, we DO NOT accept radioactive items, hazardous items or items that contain freon or PBC's.

Items we do not purchase:

For questions about the wide variety of products we purchase, call us at:


We do not accept microwaves

Any items containing freon

Light ballasts that contain PCBs

As long as you have a clear title, we will buy your vehicle from you. If your vehicle is broken down, give us a call and we will come pick it up! We charge $3.00 per gas tank and a $5.00 disposal fee per tire or you can choose to take your tank and tires back with you.

We buy junk cars!

Metals: copper, bronze, steel, brass, lead, stainless steel, structural steel, aluminum

Automobiles and automobile engines


Electric motors

Lead-acid batteries


Six Recycling buys large quantities of used brass shell casings  or once fired brass for recycling from indoor and outdoor gun ranges. Once fired brass, other used brass shell casings, and new brass casings are all bought at the shell brass price.

Shell Casings

Other products we recycle:

• Air conditioning units

• Water heaters

• Aluminum cans,

• Lead wheel weights

• ...and much, much more!

• Computers

• Electronic products

• VCRs, DVD players

• Printers

Items we purchase